Echo is a music film that follows a character dealing with grief. The way the film infuses sound, story, and performance takes inspiration from narrative and music videos. The focus is to simplify the common approach to storytelling; by just presenting a view into the world of a character. We follow them and begin to understand what they are doing, feeling, and living.
STARRING: Chloe Stannard & James Reader
EDITORS: Sam Xander & James Reader
Chloe Stannard standing in the sea staring to the horizon.
I led a small crew to light each location in a way that it created a cinematic atmosphere that supported the message of the film. For Echo, I knew that the visual quality needed to be better than I’ve ever done before, not only to legitimise my progression but to maintain and build audience immersion. In order to do this successfully, I worked on testing the capabilities of the main two cameras being used, the Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K and Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. This testing allowed us to make mistakes, to learn the drawbacks and benefits of the cameras.
Chloe looks upset, sat in a car.
New Skills
With Echo, I have considerably improved my interpersonal and technical skills. It has pushed me to work with a greater focus on communicating effectively and working technically in film production. I was constantly practicing my skills on camera and lighting, which both go a long way for setting the tone and immersing the audience. It has been invaluable developing my on-set experience, because I have been able to in manage actors and crew to deliver a project at a professional standard.
Chloe smiling on a beach at night.