Shower Thoughts
I was asked to help shoot a music video for musician Lil Dip by Sonny Layton. The video represents the artist reminiscing on the memories he has for a woman. The locations act as visual representations of his mind, both regret and isolation fueling the message of the song.
STARRING: Kaya Esmer & Chloe Stannard
DIRECTOR & DOP: Sonny Layton
CAMERA & LIGHTING: James Reader & Sam Xander

Sam Xander and James Reader filming.
Camera & Lighting
I supported the director/director of photography as a cinematographer creating different lighting setups that communicate the emotions the song provokes and shooting various parts. I assisted in hiring the equipment for the shoot, including the main camera, the Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K.
Sonny Layton directing.
Sonny filming artist Kaya Esmer.