Work in Progress
One of our first 'pen-to-paper' deadlines was to produce a work in progress slide to help articulate my ideas around the written research project. This was a space to evidence my independent research at the time, communicate the theories that underpin my research interest and to understand clearly my ideas and intentions.
Firstly I introduced the projects themes, defining a question area and understanding my point of view. My interest is with brand films, more specifically commercial storytelling with emotive authenticity in documentary or fiction marketing campaigns. In order to begin looking in to examples I needed to understand the motivations of these companies and then understand what academic theory can explain the effect on audiences.
With some initial understanding of the aims of these marketing campaigns I looked at finding some brand films, articles and books that discuss the topic. The best method of sourcing the films have been to look at articles. One very interesting idea I keep reading about is the discussion on the power of stories in marketing. This is exactly why I was interested in brand films, the unique impact of film with its power of emotive storytelling all within a short commercial format. While this is only a short list of films and articles I will continue compiling from YouTube, Vimeo, Articles, Books and recommendations from my peers.
My final points that I wanted to note down on the work in progress slide are my plans for this research process. I suggest creating a piece of branded content which  would have the same aims of  emotive storytelling that are used to engage a company's audience. I might not spend time making my own version so I can spend more time researching those that exist, meaning I can  understand how they work with more confidence but it's worth suggesting. In terms of theories that I can use to support my investigation I have noted a  few options to research further. These are each interesting and expanding ideas which will open my project to an academic view. The first is to look at the impact the films have on their audience. This will of course vary on the individual level but their most likely will be similarities between the films in this regard. Similarly understanding how these are produced, the theory that support the films effect will be important to understand as I review these themes.
In the online lecture on the 16th October we presented these work in progress slides in small groups in which my initial ideas could get some feedback from my peers. I made notes of their advice and discussing with the group gave me confidence in my ideas. The question How are you defining commercial was an interesting one, this is something to think about where I need to set the boundaries for brand films and what they are. Defining this will help my project be more precise which at the moment is too broad. Below were some suggestions that were given for me to look into and critique. I have added these to a list to research later.
The last part of the online lecture involved breaking down two written research project introductions, both very different from each other. The aim was to deconstruct how I look at the introduction structure. The key points should be clearly defined and easy to understand at the start in order to structure the rest of the written work effectively. The introduction should discuss  the context, explaining the question to be understood easily and introduce other questions that will be answered later on. Academic sources and examples should be tightly organised to support the evidencing and set me up in the following chapters. The exercise helped me to analyse the research project's marking criteria before I write my own introduction. It also highlighted the importance of the introduction in being understood in a way that benefits my intentions.